TS IP: ts.fjb49.de
Arma sync repo: https://repo.fjb49.de/mods/.a3s/autoconfig

Instructions for the installation of mods

Schritt 1: Arma 3 Sync herunterladen

Lade dir Arma 3 Sync über folgende Seite herunter: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/152942-arma3sync-launcher-and-addons-synchronization-software-for-arma-3/

Java wird gebraucht, also ladet es euch also vorher herunter.

Schritt 2: Mod-Ordner auswählen

  1. Switch to the tab "Addon Options" (by default your Steam folder should be displayed here).
  2. If you want to save the mods in a different folder, click on the button with the blue plus.
  3. In the now opened window select the appropriate path and press "Open".
  4. With the help of the green arrows you should now make sure that this mod folder is in first place.

Schritt 3: Hinzufügen des Repositories

  1. Switches to the "Repositories" tab
  2. Click on the button with the blue plus

Enter the following "Public auto-config url" in the now opened window: https://repo.fjb49.de/mods/.a3s/autoconfig
Press Import now and the remaining fields should be filled in automatically. With a final click on "OK" you add the repo.

Schritt 4: Herunterladen der Mods

  1. The lower part of the Repositories window should now list some events.
  2. Select one of the events (e.g. FJB 49 Standard) or select FJB49 in the upper window and click on the button with the description "Connect to Repository" (This process can take a few minutes)
  3. In the now opened tab, first select the "Default destination folder" at the top, i.e. the folder in which you want to install the mods.
  4. Then select the mods you want to download or click on "Select All".
  5. (Updates are marked with red, if files have been removed from a mod, they are blue)
  6. With a final click on the "Play" button you download the selected mods.

Schritt 5: Spiel mit Mods starten

  1. Step 4: Start game with mods
  2. Add the event modsets by pressing the "Modsets" button.

Now you can select the events you want to add in the lower part of the window.

  1. Now select the corresponding set on the right side.
  2. Selects the server at the bottom.
    (If the servers have not been added automatically, you can add them manually in the tab "Online")
  3. Press "Start Game".
  4. If the game does not start, check in the tab "Launcher Options" that the correct "ArmA3 Executable Location" is selected in the lower part of the window. (select arma3.exe or arma3_x64.exe)