Article Tutorial


This tutorial will show you how to optimally configure a post so that it is displayed correctly and all functions can be used.

Create a post by clicking on the "Create post" button at the bottom of each forum page. This will take you to the WordPress own post page. On this page you can enter the title and text of the post.

On the right side of the interface you will find several menu items, of which only two are relevant for you. These are explained in the following article.


One of the important menu items are the categories, without these the post will not be displayed.

There are seven categories in total.

  • "Angepinnte Nachrichten" are always activated when new posts are created.
    After the topic is finished, this category
  • “Briefing”, “Events” and “Information” are selected according to the category of the contribution, so that these are sorted and found properly
  • All categories with "Alt" in the name, are used when the event or mission is over.


The second important menu item is the discussion, without this the comment function is disabled and therefore commenting on posts is not possible.

It is important for "Allow comments" to check the box to allow comments.

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